KAT.PH (Kickass Torrents) DLM Search for Synology NAS Download Station

Plugin info

Kickass Torrents

Tracker: Kickass Torrents

Updated: 2016-01-30

Version: 1.1

Authorization: Not required

Installation: DLM+Web

Tracker language: English

Author: Synoboost

Download latest version

How to install search module

  1. Install kat_syno_search.dlm
    • Download and unpack kat_syno_search.dlm file
    • Open Synology Download Station
    • Goto Settings
    • Choose BT Search tab
    • Click Add and select .dlm file
    • Press OK to confirm changes
  2. Enable Web Station
    • Open Control Panel and goto Web Services
    • On Web Applications check Enable Web Station
    • Press OK to confirm changes
  3. Enable CURL extension (for DSM 3.1 and lower)
    • Open Control Panel and goto Web Services
    • Choose PHP Settings tab
    • Click Select PHP Extension button
    • Check curl in the list
    • Press OK and OK to confirm changes
  4. Copy Web folder contents to your Synology NAS
    • Open File Browser on Synology NAS
    • Goto web Share
    • Create ds folder (if not exists)
    • In ds folder create torcache.net folder
    • Copy the extracted contents of the Web folder to the newly created tvtorrents.com folder

That's it!