Kinozal.TV Search Plug-in for Synology NAS Download Station

Plugin info


Tracker: Kinozal.TV

Updated: 2017-01-29

Version: 1.3

Authorization: Required

Installation: DLM+Web

Tracker language: Russian

Author: rebelion76

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Problem. Synology API doesn't allow to perform authorization or keep the session to download .torrent file now.

Solution. We created the module that consists of two parts. First is a regular .dlm package that operates the second one in Web Station or any other web-host you want.

How to install search module

Quick installation to use default Synology Web Station path.

  1. Install kinozal_syno_search.dlm
    • Download and unpack kinozal_syno_search.dlm file
    • Open Synology Download Station
    • Goto Settings
    • Choose BT Search tab
    • Click Add and select .dlm file
    • Press OK to confirm changes
  2. Enable Web Station
    • Open Control Panel and goto Web Services
    • On Web Applications check Enable Web Station
    • Press OK to confirm changes
  3. Enable CURL extension (for DSM 3.1 and lower)
    • Open Control Panel and goto Web Services
    • Choose PHP Settings tab
    • Click Select PHP Extension button
    • Check curl in the list
    • Press OK and OK to confirm changes
  4. Copy Web folder contents to your Synology NAS
    • Open File Browser on Synology NAS
    • Goto web Share
    • Create ds folder (if not exists)
    • In ds folder create folder
    • Copy the extracted contents of the Web folder to the newly created folder
  5. Logon information
    • Open proxy.php that you copied to /ds/ folder of the web share.
    • Enter your login details and Save the file

That's it!