What.CD DLM Search for Synology NAS Download Station

Plugin info


Tracker: What.CD

Updated: 2014-05-18

Version: 2.0

Authorization: Required

Installation: DLM

Tracker language: English

Author: Synoboost

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How to install search module

Quick installation to use default Synology Web Station path.

  1. Install whatcd_syno_search.dlm
    • Download and unpack whatcd_syno_search.dlm file
    • Open Synology Download Station
    • Goto Settings
    • Choose BT Search tab
    • Click Add and select .dlm file
    • Press OK to confirm changes
  2. Logon information
    • Select What.CD row
    • Click Edit and enter your login and password
    • Click Verify to test connection

That's it!